Advantages of all-in-one edge solution ONCITE presented at Bosch ConnectedWorld

Experience the added value that edge computing brings to data sovereignty during data transmission across the supply chain and to high-availability processes 

Eschborn, 22 January 2020 – Edge computing is heralding a paradigm shift in cloud computing in 2020. A key advantage: servers can analyse big data from factories in real-time and take immediate action in the event of incidents. This is the basis for AI-based processes. Another benefit of edge computing is the fact that the data producer retains data sovereignty. These and further advantages of the all-in-one edge solution ONCITE will be presented at Bosch ConnectedWorld on February 19-20 in Berlin, together with SupplyOn and Bosch Connected Industry. The server components and the platform come from the Friedhelm Loh Group, parent company of Rittal. Partners like Bosch Connected Industry provide applications that enable the use of IIoT applications and the rapid digitisation of production.

ONCITE is a highly available and flexibly scalable edge cloud data centre with a real-time edge cloud stack and a pre-installed, expandable industry-specific portfolio of edge applications. It offers a complete solution for the rapid processing and analysis of industrial data at a company’s own production site. As a factory-based edge-cloud data centre, ONCITE both enables the digitisation of the factory and helps it adapt to various digital production platforms, like those planned by VW and BMW, for example.

The appliance collects all company data and, via special connectors, makes it available to other parties in a way that the data producer retains data sovereignty – regardless of whether they want to share this data anonymously for purposes of analysis, for example, or pass it on to their customers for quality documentation.

Demonstration of Track & Trace application scenario
At Bosch ConnectedWorld, ONCITE will be used to demonstrate how data that is generated in different systems during production can be bundled in one place and analysed centrally.

On the basis of the structured Track & Trace data generated in ONCITE, analyses of the production can be prepared and used in a trusted execution environment for customer systems. The results can also be distributed to third parties (e.g. OEMs/product manufacturers) via auditable, secure transmission paths such as the IDS Connector, thus meeting an essential current requirement for suppliers to the automotive industry.

The data record is transferred to the SupplyOn platform via the secure IDS Connector in near-real time and linked with the commercial data available there. The result is a continuous customer order history, which helps to identify and eliminate problems in the supply chain rapidly and to ensure cross-supply chain traceability.

Not a replacement for traditional cloud solutions – a useful addition
As an edge cloud data centre, ONCITE is compatible with existing cloud platforms. It allows the customer to transfer data from a sensor to the cloud, retaining full control over access to the edge cloud and the decision as to what data is transmitted from the sensor, and to whom and how – a critical factor for customers.

The appliance is a cloud-provider independent solution. All data can be further processed in all private or public cloud systems. Open interfaces can be used to connect ONCITE to the large public clouds, for example. Companies can deploy the appliance for both hybrid and multi-cloud solutions and thus get the best of both worlds: data sovereignty and real-time capability as well as networking with other cloud systems.

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