The interdisciplinary network
behind your
All in One solution ONCITE

Industrial Edge Cloud Appliance ONCITE

powered by German Edge Cloud, IoTOS & Bosch Connected Industry 

ONCITE thrives on an interdisciplinary network of market-leading companies from different industries. We are therefore a strong and experienced partner for the industry when it comes to meeting future digitisation challenges.

The unique selling proposition of ONCITE lies in its turnkey end-to-end solution for the requirements of OEMs and top tier suppliers for adaptation to digital production platforms, its data sovereignty for production-critical processes and its ability to use innovative use cases to advance the digitization of factories.

The customer quickly receives a traceability solution that can be adapted to the factory's internal IT systems with low integration costs, which is offered at an operating cost (TCO) appropriate for medium-sized businesses on one of the most modern and forward-looking Edge Cloud technologies, including Full Managed Service. The solution impresses with its holistic approach and the strategic and scalable importance of the leading Edge Cloud IIoT platform ONCITE for real-time critical and data sovereign digitization of factories.


The companies behind ONCITE

ONCITE brings together the expertise and many years of experience of leading companies in their respective market segments.
 ONCITE consists of the following companies:


German Edge Cloud GmbH & Co. KG

The German Edge Cloud (GEC) is a start-up company belonging to the Friedhelm Loh Group that offers an on-premise, on-shopfloor manufacturing edge platform as well as a national distributed and real-time Edge Cloud platform to enable industrial digitization, especially in the manufacturing industry. The company has developed the first KI-Edge cloud for real-time industrial applications, enabling KI-enabled Managed Manufacturing Edge solutions for the manufacturing industry.



IoTOS specializes in industrial IoT applications for the Smart Factory. The company provides software solutions for the implementation of industry 4.0 requirements to product manufacturers, suppliers and service companies from all branches of industry. The IIoT applications support companies in the digitization along the supply chain: from the product idea to development and production, through the entire supply chain to delivery to the end customer. The IIoT applications provided by IoTOS enable, for example, manufacturer-independent networking of devices and machines, real-time analytics and traceability via the supply chain. On the basis of microservices, scalable solutions can be quickly implemented that can be used for defined, mostly process-specific requirements of factory operators. The goal is to create transparency across the entire value chain, increase productivity, minimize maintenance costs and simultaneously implement digitized business models.

Bosch Connected Industry

Bosch Connected Industry bundles software and services for industry 4.0 in a comprehensive portfolio under the name Nexeed. Around 500 employees develop and market software solutions for production and logistics in Germany, Hungary and China. Bosch Connected Industry pursues the goal of supporting customers in networking their complete value stream. The portfolio ranges from starter kits to complete packages including consulting and implementation. Together, the solutions simplify employees' everyday work and optimize production and logistics processes in terms of transparency, agility, costs, quality, and time.


How we work

ONCITE brings together visionaries, industry 4.0/IIoT pioneers and digitization experts - some from start-ups,
some from traditional leading companies. In this way, we bring together different perspectives,
experience and know-how to develop the best solutions for our customers.

We work agile, interdisciplinary and with great enthusiasm to shape the digital future together with you!


ONCITE Partners

Rittal GmbH & Co. KG

Rittal, a Friedhelm Loh Group company, is one of the world's leading system providers for control cabinets, power distribution, air conditioning, IT infrastructure and software & service. System solutions from Rittal can be found in over 90 percent of all industries worldwide, such as mechanical engineering and plant construction, the food and beverage industry as well as the IT and telecommunications sector. The world market leader's broad range of services includes configurable control cabinets whose data is available throughout the entire production process. Intelligent Rittal cooling solutions with up to 75 percent lower energy and CO2 consumption can communicate with the production landscape and enable predictive maintenance and service concepts. The portfolio includes innovative IT solutions ranging from IT racks and modular data centers to edge and hyperscale computing solutions.

iNNOVO Cloud GmbH

The German cloud provider iNNOVO Cloud GmbH provides a broad portfolio of modularized IT services from local data centers in Frankfurt. IT as a Service is the concept that picks up on the company's values: Solid components form together with modular combinations and personal consulting individual and needs-based IT overall solutions.


Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e.V.

Fraunhofer is the leading research organization for application-oriented research in Europe. Our research fields are geared to people's needs: Health, safety, communication, mobility, energy and the environment. And that is why the work of our researchers and developers has a great influence on people's future lives. We are creative, we design technology, we design products, we improve processes, we open up new avenues. We invent the future.

Siemens Industry Software GmbH

Siemens is a leading international technology group that has developed MindSphere, among other things. MindSphere is the cloud-based, open IoT operating system from Siemens that connects products, plants, systems and machines and makes it possible to use the wealth of data from the Internet of Things (IoT) with comprehensive analyses.


Amazon Web Services, Inc.

AWS ist the world’s most comprehensive cloud platform with more than 165 functional services, includign 40 services available nowhere else. Millions of customers around the world rely on Amazon's cloud-based infrastructure. Different companies from varius industries increase their IT agility with the application, benefit from unlimited scalability, improve their reliability and reduce costs.

SupplyOn AG

SupplyOn is an IT service provider specializing in intelligent supply chain management solutions for the automotive, aerospace, railway and manufacturing industries. The solutions offered as Software-as-a-Service are geared to the process requirements of the manufacturing industry and map cross-company processes in Supply Chain Management, Supplier Risk & Performance Management, Strategic and Operational Procurement as well as Quality and Transport Management. SupplyOn networks around 65,000 industrial companies from 70 countries worldwide.