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Industrial Track & Trace

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Industry 4.0 and Cloud Expert

The modules of the IoTOS Suite with the basic services IoTOS Integration Service and Track & Trace enable you to transfer data from the most diverse systems from the top to the shop floor via standardized ERP, MES and PCS connectors into a structured Industrial Track & Trace data model and make it available for supply chain-wide traceability. The IoTOS Integration Service includes approx. 200 connectors, gateways and protocols (a multitude of relevant industry standards) and additionally offers modern communication services.

Based on the structured Track&Trace data, evaluations can be carried out in your factory in a Trusted Execution Environment in order to make the data usable for the customer systems. The results can also be transferred to third parties (e.g. OEMs/product manufacturers) via auditable, secure transmission paths such as IDS (International Data Spaces) connectors, thus fulfilling a very important future requirement for suppliers to the automotive industry.

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