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Industrial Edge Cloud

of German Edge Cloud GmbH & Co. KG
Pioneer of Industrial Edge Cloud Technology and real-time IoT

The Edge Cloud Data Center from Rittal is the ideal prerequisite for decentralised storage and processing of huge amounts of data. The Rittal Edge Data Center is a platform for quickly setting up an IT environment that can be used flexibly in any IT environment. The modules are available in various performance classes and can be combined to form a ready-to-use solution in the shortest possible time. This significantly accelerates the realization of a data center for companies. This results in the best possible operating efficiency.

The German Edge Cloud offers the Industrial Edge Cloud technology for ONCITE. Edge computing shifts the processing of data volumes to the edge of the network.

Data processing therefore takes place as close as possible to the point of origin, which enables data availability in almost real time. This reduces transmission times and response times to a minimum, allowing data to be processed very quickly. These do not have to travel long distances to central data centers or cloud data centers.

As a decentralized network architecture, Edge Computing is used where latency times and data volumes of cloud services are no longer sufficient. The minimal latency times made possible by edge computing are the prerequisite for new technologies such as virtual/augmented assistance systems or industrial analytics and AI applications.


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