The All in One Solution
for the Digitalization of your factories
and networking on the
digital production platforms
of your customers


The companies behind ONCITE 

The German Edge Cloud (GEC), Bosch Connected Industry and IoTOS solve with their All in One solution "ONCITE" the primary digitization challenges of the supplier industry to integrate their factories into the digital production platforms of their customers. With this Industrial Edge data center, you will be able to leverage your existing in-house IT infrastructures as data sources to massively increase in-house value creation while meeting the future requirements of your customers' digital production platforms with full data sovereignty.


Challenges of
digital factories of the future

The digitization offensive of automobile manufacturers needs solutions

The automobile manufacturers are going on the digitalization offensive: VW and BMW are currently planning to set up digital production platforms - other manufacturers and top tier suppliers will follow. VW's Industrial Cloud/Digital Production Platform (DPP) and BMW's Open Manufacturing Platform provide the basis for a cross-supply chain data exchange of production data across up to 100,000 factories. The goal is to increase productivity by up to 30 percent.

Automotive suppliers are thus coming under massive pressure, as production data from supplier plants are needed to increase production rates in automobile factories and detect serial defects in new product start-ups at an early stage, especially for electric cars. On the one hand, suppliers want to retain control over their production data (data sovereignty), but not risk their supplier status.


Ready for the future with ONCITE

Industrial Plug & Produce
All in One Solution

Digitalization in the manufacturing industry brings with it a wide range of new value creation potential - in the factory and across plants via the supply chain. The German Edge Cloud, Bosch Connected Industry and IoTOS with their Industrial Edge data center, which is unique in this form on the world market, provide the answer to today's and tomorrow's digitization challenges.

In the automotive supply chain, this Plug & Produce All in One solution enables secure data exchange across the supply chain with digital production platforms such as Volkswagen "Industrial Cloud", BMW "Open Manufacturing Platform", etc.

ONCITE is based on a highly available, scalable Edge Cloud data center from the German Edge Cloud and the system and OT solution provider Rittal. Industrial applications from Bosch Connected Industry, GEC and IoTOS create a comprehensive solution for the manufacturing industry that is offered in a 24/7 managed IT services model.

The result for the supplier industry is a highly available All in One solution for in-house software applications as well as supply chain-wide adaptation to the OEM's digital production platforms with full data sovereignty, integrated and scalable, affordable with SME-compatible operating costs and quick and easy to deploy via Plug & Produce.

All in One IIoT

Learn at first hand how you can work together with us to
Being able to shape the digital future!


ONCITE is the answer
to your challenges


All in One Solution

  • Holistic approach to factory
  • Improves suppliers' relationship
    with their customers

Plug & Produce

  • Fast implementation and
    low integration costs

Improves qualitative and
quantitative output
in the factory

  • Through real-time analysis
    of the recorded production
    and process data

Reduces costs

  • No additional support and
    service costs due to less rework
    and administration effort

Edge Cloud Computing and 5G

  • State-of-the-art and forward-looking
    Edge Cloud and telecommunications
  • Reduced latency times as a basis for
    real-time Industrial Analytics applications
    with AI/ML
  • Creates full data sovereignty

Start into the future with us today!

IIoT creates new structures. At the same time it requires a holistic "rethinking" along the supply chain.

With our All in One solution ONCITE, you remain fit for the future.

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